Whenever we receive a new article from Sean, we know that we’ve got our hands on a solid piece of networking content for our readers. A focused and knowledgeable engineer, Sean is able to breakdown complex technical issues and turn them into valuable tutorials.

Maria Plasterer
Business Development Manager, ActualTech Media

Sean is a fast and reliable writer who delivers high quality content. If I need something done right, Sean is one of the first people I contact.

Heather Ackmann
Co-founder, AHA Learning Solutions, LLC

Sean is an invaluable asset for our website; he has good work ethic and is one of my most reliable writers. He’s extremely knowledgeable and has been producing quality work since the day he started.

Kasia Lorenc
Former Managing Editor/Marketing Manager, Tom's IT Pro & TrainSignal

Sean shines in regards to how quickly and directly he attacks the tasks at hand. When working as peers, he has been flexible and inclusive when a team works through many varied technical and business issues when working through product designs. When directing Sean’s work, he’s always delivered on time, and been happy to adjust the work based on feedback. Sean’s immediately on the short list of candidates we consider when we add someone to a project that matches his skill set.

Wendell Odom
Best-selling Cisco Author, CertSkills, LLC

I worked with Sean at a very large insurance company where we were standing up one of the largest private networks in the United States. He exhibited an amazing depth of knowledge in routing, switching, hardware, various operating system platforms, every network connected device we discovered. He frequently provided subject matter expertise for training sessions our company provided to the customer.

Sean is an absolute professional and team player. He was always more than willing to teach, mentor, or just help out when needed. I would be comfortable and happy to recommend Sean for any type of position.

Robert Woods
Director, Strategy & Innovation, AT&T

Sean has a great attitude and is always willing to “go the extra mile” to get the job accomplished. I enjoyed working with Sean and believe he would be an asset to any organization.

Brian Childers
President & CEO, Comport Consulting Group

Sean as a member of any consulting or engineering staff is an asset in every way, not only is he extremely technically literate but he is also great with clients and allows them to relate to the subject matter regardless of their technical abilities. I have worked with Sean on many projects and would recommend him on any project regardless of type.

Tobey Gossen
Principle Technical Specialist, Monitoring, The Walt Disney Company

Sean is an uber-mensch, one of those very rare superbly focused and immensely knowledgeable engineers who is also a pleasure to work with, indifferent to work politics, and handles difficult people with amazing skill. Even eight years ago, his grasp of technical knowledge applied to complex issues had him break-out of “entry position” in near record time to establish himself as one of the key “goto” resources. He did this in a huge and complicated environment wherein we doing technological “new-ness” on a heretofore undone scale, and with penalties looming. Sean knew intuitively that Murphy inhabits the details, and ferreted him out with attention to and incorporation of risk and impact on collateral systems. His attention and concentration, and breadth of apprehension made Sean a critical player for INS.

Melissa Davis
Principal Engineer - Website Application Platform & Builder Tools, Amazon

It is a distinct pleasure to recommend to you my esteemed colleague and long time friend Sean Wilkins. In my capacity as Senior Network Engineer I have worked closely with Sean for about a year.

As a Senior Network Engineer Sean has taken every advantage to extend his knowledge and experience in his field. He is a very friendly and likeable guy who has proven consistently that customer needs and company profit are not mutually exclusive.

Like most consulting companies, ours was organized into different levels of support. We interacted with virtually all of them. There are natural tensions between the groups which if not managed correctly can prove disastrous. Sean has always understood the old axiom that we rise or fall together and has made teamwork with others job number one for his team.

John Carr
Advanced Software Engineer, BullsEye Telecom

Sean is a very efficient and organized team leader who had a very thorough knowledge of various technologies. He applied his expertise to help create, design, and manage projects with organization and efficiency. Sean would be a wonderful asset as a designer/integrator/architect for any large-scale networks.

Joseph Del Rosario
Client Solutions Architect, Optiv Inc

I came to Lucent straight out of college. Sean helped me make the transition to corporate life and mentored my professional development. Sean possesses expert technical knowledge, he works well in a team and has leadership qualities.

Joseph Anderson
Customer Support Engineer, MetaSwitch

Sean and I worked together when I began my networking career with International Network Services (INS), which later was merged into Lucent Technologies. His command and understanding of networking technologies has been unmatched by anyone I have ever met.

When we worked together, he had obtained about 24 professional certifications in less than a year, and always knew more about a given technology than anyone else he worked with. Sean is dedicated to empowering himself and others he meets, and his ability to comprehend standards, white papers, and courseware is immense.

I would not only gladly work with him again, but I would also know I had an expert around that I could learn something from.

Sean Travis
Senior Engineer, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Sean is an extremely efficacious person. It was a pleasure to have seen him in action. Sean is the type of person that can quickly make complicated tasks seem very simple.

Sergio Maciujec
Network Engineer, Muhlenberg College